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post TFC Records widget

April 14th, 2010

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Keep up to date with TFC Records … add this widget!

post TFC Rehearsal Studios now ready to rock!

April 5th, 2010

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The first practice lab for bands of all genres who reside in the Corpus Christi, Texas area is just about ready to begin booking. Have a look at the following images for a detailed look at the operation:

TFC Rehearsal Sign

New punk/h.c. reissues and select releases

Rooms are PA-equipped, sound proof and a/c-ready!

More details at

post “Fast Beats in a Slow Town” Vol. One

March 15th, 2010

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SUS_OTC cover

The new “Fast Beats in a Slow Town” Vol. One EP should be in the next issue of Max Rock n Roll and in an upcoming issue of Razorcake.

Two tracks were recently featured on the Punk Rock Demonstration Show:

Here was the playlist for Monday, 2/15/10 at 7PM PST on The Punk Rock Demonstration

.. ..

1. One Way System - Kick In The Head

2. Destroy Everything - Alter Or Abolish

3. The Pain - Planet Payback

4. Glue Ear - Not A Friend

5. Decry - Falling

6. The Adicts - Joker In The Pack

7. Rancid - Ruby Soho

8. My Chemical Romance - Astro Zombies

9. Death Zone - Don’t Come Crying To Me

10. The Cut-Offs - Confused

11. 800 Octane - Big City, Small Scene

12. The Abuse - Digging Your Own Grave

13. Butt Trumpet - Dead Dogs

14. The Krayons - Four AM Drunks

15. One Trick Cobra - The Sixth Song

16. Rapegoat - Come Unto Me

17. SUS - Man Against The Universe

18. Under Pressure - Fool

19. The Adhesives - Insomnia

20.The Harrington Saints - Don’t Blame Me

21. Catgut Mary - Paddy’s Lantern

22. Craic Haus - Back To Today

23. Dogsflesh - Fuck All

24. The Restarts - Thin Ice

25. Headcheese - Bone In Your Body

26. The Zero Point - Sick Of Me

27. Haddonfield - Panic

28. The Scarred - Thought Crime

29. Time Bomb - Punk Rock Is Politics

30. The Bad Company Project - Cure And Curse

31. The Yorkshire Rats - Swing Low

32. The Warning - Dead Last

33. The Undead - Violent World

34. Razor Bois - Unity Or Nothing

35. Rebel City Radio - Reflection

36. Razors In The Night - Reflection

37. SMZB - No Solution

38. Inazuma - Punk Drunker

39. Sick 56 - Nothing To Say

40. No Parking This Side Wednesday - This Is War

41. The Krum Bums - Shitty Life (Vinyl)

42. The Gears - I Smoke Dope

43. Destructors 666 - Burning Bridges

44. Patsy Cline - Blue Moon Of Kentucky

45. The Walking Toxins - Bored It Sux

46. Distortion UK - Strange

47. Dead Heroes - 4 Years Flat

48. Combat Crisis - Not Afraid

.. ..


.. ..

Website/Podcasts/Profiles - Punk Rock Documentary - Listen - Punk Rock Demonstration Hotline: (209)-980-PUNK (7865)

post Coming Soon: TFC Rehearsal Space!

February 27th, 2010

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Beginning in April 2010, TFC Records will expand into a rehearsal space studio to serve bands in the CORPUS CHRISTI area. Roger Guerrero, the founder of the long-running punk label has been working on the project for several years now.

 In February, he found a spot on the city’s south side that seemed to be ideal and so here we are.

The location is 5802-D Wooldridge Ste. #2, near Staples in between Holly and Saratoga.

TFC Rehearsal Space will initially offer three 12×17 foot rooms with practice PAs and equipment closet rentals to store your band gear.

Eventually, TFC will grow to include two additional 12×17 foot practice rooms and one 20×20 foot live room, suitable for large-budget projects. Keep in mind that you will rehearse in a climate-controlled, secured rehearsal facility; your mom’s garage this ain’t!

In addition to space for your band to rehearse without fear of noise complaints, TFC Rehearsal Space will also rent gear in case your amp goes on the fritz or your crash ride is thrashed. There will also be plenty of replacement supplies in case you forget a wire or your picks, break a stick or need a battery.

And because TFC began life as a DIY record label, the entire TFC catalog will be available as well as plenty of killer underground punk/garage/hardcore/etc. titles you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Distros and mailorder outlets are encouraged to get in touch ASAP.  We’re happy to trade our punk, emo and rock CDs and vinyl for yours so long as it’s snotty, crusty or otherwise punky.

The grand opening is set for April 1 but a soft opening will take place on March 24. More details are forthcoming.

post New 7 inch!

February 27th, 2010

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The Disc Go Round record release for the SUS/One Trick Cobra split EP back on 12/26 was a total hoot. Thanks to all who stopped in, had a slice of pizza pie and especially those who bought a single.

So now comes the hard part. TFC needs some distributors for the “Fast Beats in a Slow Town, Vol. One” split EP (S.U.S./One Trick Cobra). So if you do distro and could use a fast and furious EP featuring two up-and-coming Corpus Christi h/c bands, please get in touch. Also, if you have suggestions for reliable distro, shoot them over.

We can do trades for hardcore releases on vinyl as well (1 for 1 on EPs, 2 for 1 on LPs) … we can also do crust, garage or snotty punk. We can also trade for CDs but we’re real selective about the titles as we’ve gotten way too many CD-Rs with Kinko’s produced covers in the past.  If you’re really interested in working out a trade, message TFC first.

We do have a few copies at Interpunk so if you’d like to pick one up, click the following link: “Fast Beats in a Slow Town, Vol. One”

Lastly, a few copies were sent out this week to MRR and Hussieskunk Radio. If you have a radio show that plays h/c or punk, send the address over and we’ll send a promo copy to you. We also got two plays on the podcast. Check it out!

S.U.S./One Trick Cobra split 7 inch EP, TFC Records 2009Fast Beats in a Slow Town, Vol. One

post The Krayons 20th Anniversary

October 22nd, 2007

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Check out the TFC Podcast Show at …. featuring all the TFC non-hits you’ve come to love as well as new tunes by current Double C stompers and collector-nerd demo rarities by long gone Corpus Chrusti faves!



 And don’t forget to read Richard Guerrero’s
blog for all things indie, punk, hc, etc.


Create your own banner at!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

post New Site

October 16th, 2007

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“Hindsight is 20/20″ is now out! Score one from Interpunk or CD Baby.

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